Welcome! (and a bit of history)

Hello and welcome here!

You found my modest contribution to the whole wide web. So let’s get to the point: this blog is about gaming, it is not your typical gaming news outlet, it is far from being anything big or presumptuous. It’s just my personal blog. But I think my logo is cool (I made it myself, please be forgiving ^_^).



So if it’s personal who am I? I go by the nickname of Thrabos. I’m in my late 30s in the real life, I have a job and a family but that’s not the point. I also play video games. Not as much as I would love too but my fair share. I’ve been playing for a loooooong time. The first console I ever had was a Videopac G7000. It was released before my birth and it looked like that:


And in real life, this is what it was up to (I played that car game a lot):


On PC if memory serves me right, my first experiences were with Pacman, Invaders and later Ace of Aces on DOS.



I spent quit some time on that one…

I realize while writing this post that I witnessed a bigger share of the video game history than I care to admit, and that makes me feel old.

Anyway as you may expect, I owned every Nintendo console that came since the NES including a Japanese version of the Super Famicom and the Wii U (I still play on that one, mainly Guitar Hero and Xenoblade Chronicle X). Now of course I own a Switch (best console ever if you ask me). I never had my own Playstation (although I finished in every way possible FF VII & VIII on the first Playstation) neither did I a Xbox. Reason is extremely simple: I have a PC.

My current gaming rig is an Origin PC Genesis including 64 GB of RAM, a Geforce GTX 1080Ti, several terabytes of storage, 2 SSDs for my games all of this being water cooled. I have to praise the guys at Origin PC (and this is not sponsored, I mean: first post on an unknown blog of an unknown player… I paid my computer full price) for the professionalism when I told them how I wanted the partitions and no Windows because I was running Linux. Software wise, I use a Fedora 27 as my operating system and Plasma KDE as my window manager (I use to be on Slackware with Blackbox but that was a long time ago). I’ll write a post specifically about setting up a worthy Linux gaming station.

Now, that being said what will you find here? The short answer is whatever I feel I should be posting online. But mainly I want to share my experience in running Linux games, getting stuff to work on Linux (including hardware, I’m a very stubborn person when it comes to that), Windows games on Linux, share my Nintendo Switch experiences, reviews, etc.

In the upcoming days/weeks you can expect a full tutorial on the Razer Orbweaver support on Linux, how to run Overwatch and World of Warcraft on Linux and what to expect among other things.

Do not expect a new post everyday, as I said earlier I have a family and a really time consuming job so, gaming and blogging is all on my free time. My goal is to maintain a stream of 2 posts a week.

Now of course, if you want me to cover a specific hardware/game/topic, please by all means: tell me.

One last thing: you can find me on Twitter, Twitch (I only host other channels for now) and Google+. I am also thinking about a potential series of videos on Youtube about my experience in learning to do stuff with the Unreal Engine 4. But it is just a wishful thinking at the moment.

Have fun!